We ask our customers to complete a short questionnaire to get feedback on how Millennium performed and customers are also invited to provide comments or just scores on how we performed. We have detailed some of the comments below: -

27.1.18  Mr Whelan (White PVCu Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good.

19.01.18  Mr Ruff  (PVCu Windows)  All aspect of the service was very good.  Would highly recommend to other.  Well done.

08.01.18  Mr and Mrs Stanier  (PVCu White Conservatory)  Would be happy to recommend to others without reservation.  The overall product was excellent.

16.12.17  Mr and Mrs Dennett  (PVCu Mahogany Windows)  All the personnel we saw have been friendly, courteous and helpful.  The installation staff were brilliant, kept everything tidy and were quick and efficient.  Nothing too much trouble.

14.12.17  Mr and Mrs Pigeon  (PVCu Windows and Doors)  All aspects of the service was very good.

08.12.17  Mr and Mrs Cowan (White PVCu Window)  All aspects of the service was very good.  Have used the company before.

07.12.17  Mr Jackson (PVCu Top Hung Window)  All aspects of the service was very good.

06.12.17  Mr and Mrs Ellis (PVCu Victorian Conservatory)  All aspects of the service was very good., and the overall product was excellent.  Keep on as you are.

05.12.17  Mr and Mrs Whitehouse (PVCu Windows, Fench Doors and Solidor Composite Door)  Very happy with the sales presentation, very helpful and answered queries we had.  Cat very happy with improved catflap!

01.12.17  Mr and Mrs Davy  (PVCu Residential Door)  Would happily recommend Millennium to others.

30.11.17  Mr and Mrs Stanier (Solidor Composite Door)  Sales personnel gave good clear guidance.  The installer explained what would happen and how long it would take, extremely friendly and courteous.  

30.11.17  Mrs Parker  (PVCu Slim Sash Windows)  The sales personnel were very friendly, helpful efficient service.  The installation staff were excellent, well fitted, no mess or decorating to do.

23.11.17  Mrs Mitchell  (PVCu White Windows)  The quotation package was presented very well, as was the overall product.

17.11.17  Mr Whelan  (PVCu White Windows)  As a builder, I have no hesitation to recommend Millennium for any work to all my clients.

15.11.17  Mr and Mrs Marzana  (Residential Composite Door and PVCu Windows)  Would recommend to others.

4.11.17  Mrs Vautier  (PVCu Porch and Edwardian Conservatory)  All aspect of the service was very good, and would recommend to others.

29.10.17  Mr and Mrs Coutanche  (PVCu White Porch)  All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend to others.

9.10.17  Mr and Mrs Ybert  (Conservatory Roof)  All aspects of the service was very good, as was the overall product.

14.10.17  Mr and Mrs Collenette  (White PVCu Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend to others.

26.9.17  Mr and Mrs Luis  (Solidor Composite Door)  Very pleased with the overall finished product - 110%.  From telephone call of 1st enquiry to the installation of the door - we're very pleased with Millennium service & efficiency.

26.9.17  Mrs Lambotte  (Secondary Glazing)  The quotation was presented clearly and concisely, with options and details.  The installer was prompt, efficient, tidy and a professional.  Never stopped working.  Being a local company is reassuring.  I used Millennium over 10 years ago and its oly got better.

16.9.17  Mrs Goguelin  (PVCu Residential Door and Windows)  The sales personnel were very helpful and the installation staff were friendly and courteous at all times.  An excellent overall finished product.

8.9.17  Miss Dorey  (PVCu Casement Windows)  Was happy with both the Sales and Installation staff, and would recommend to others.

22.8.17  Mr and Mrs Harben  (PVCu Casement Window)  All aspects of the service was very good.

22.8.17  Mr and Mrs Davey  (PVCu Patio Door)  The installation staff were excellent.  Would recommend Millennium to others.

17.8.17  Mr and Mrs White  (PVCu Residential Door)  Have already recommended Millennium to others in the area who are thinking of doing the same.  

11.8.17 Mrs Conroy (PVCu Patio Sliding Doors)  Would recommend Millennium to others.

7.8.17 Mr and Mrs McGuire (PVCu Top Hung Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good. The installation staff were friendly, and went that 'extra mile'.

7.8.17 Mr and Mrs Rioda (PVCu Residential Door and Glass)  The installation staff were extremely friendly and courteous and very tidy and left no mess.  Would absolutely recommend Millennium.

20.7.17 Mr Le Brun and Miss Bower (PVCu Windows and Door)  The sales personnel explained all the options in great detail in a way which was easy to understand.  The installation staff were fantastic and cheerful, friendly and very helpful.  I was amazed at how fast they worked and clean the house was left.  Minimal mess!

3.7.17 Mr Parmesan (Solidor Composite Door)  Both the sales personnel and installation staff were extremely accommodating/helpful, putting me, the customer first and listening to my questions and concerns.  The installation staff went out of their way when fitting the door and to make good the surrounding area.

29.6.17 Mr and Mrs Berenguer (Solidor Composite Door)  The overall finished product was of excellent quality.

28.6.17 Mr Gilbert (Solidor Composite Door) All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend Millennium to others.

28.6.17 Mr and Mrs Boardman (PVCu Patio Sliding Doors)  Keep up the good work.

19.6.17 Mrs Moon (PVCu Residential Door)  The overall service of work, carried out at the highest quality.

19.6.17 Mrs Lloyd (PVCu Sliding Patio Door and Window)  Would recommend Millennium to others.

15.6.17 Mr Ward, Mrs Aubert and Mrs Goddard (PVCu White French Door)  All aspects of the service was very good, no improvements necessary.

11.6.17  Miss Gouveia  (PVCu Casement Window)  All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend Millennium to others.

10.5.17 Figueiras Construction (PVCu White Conservatory)  Very happy with the service and would recommend to others.

4.5.17 Mr and Mrs Smith (Solidor Composite Door)  Will use you again and recommend your service.

20.3.17  Mr and Mrs Houghton (PVCu Windows)  Would recommend Millennium to others.


18.3.17 Mr and Mrs Kalman (Solidor Composite Door, PVCu Windows and Door)  All aspects of the service was very good.  The installation staff was very clean and tidy.

11.3.17 Mr and Mrs Bisson (PVCu Vertical Sliding Sash Windows)  The service was excellent. Would most certainly recommend to others.

13.2.17 Mr Norman (Conservatory Roof Refurbishment) Would recommend Millennium to others. 

1.2.17 Mr and Mrs Stephan (PVCu Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good.

1.2.17 Mr and Mrs Ingram (PVCu Windows)  Keep up the good work.

29.1.17 Miss Adkins (Solidor Composite Door, PVCu Windows and Door)  Sales personnel were very knowledgeable, all questions answered well.  Very happy with all aspects of the work - Thank you.

17.1.17 Mrs Laignel (Timber Sash Windows)  The installation staff were excellent, and the finished product was very good.

10.1.17 Mrs Kalber (PVCu White Windows and French Door)  Would recommend to others.

9.1.17 Mr and Mrs Seymour (PVCU Residential Doors and Windows)  Would definitely recommend to others.

21.12.16 Mr and Mrs Warren (PVCu Windows)  Would very happily recommend Millennium to others.

19.12.16 Mr and Mrs O'Brien (Solidor Comosite Door) All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend Millennium to others.

14.12.16 Bridle Estates (PVCu Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good.

28.11.16 Mr and Mrs Dauny (PVCu Vertical Sliding Sash Windows)  Already recommended Millennium to others.  Just keep doing what you are doing.

21.11.16 Mr and Mrs Davey (PVCu White French Doors)  All aspects of the service was very good, no improvements necessary.

18.11.16 Mr Ramsden (PVCu Windows)  Very efficient service.

16.11.16 Mr Bouguard (Solidor Composite Door). The sales person was very professional and excellent at explaining things.  The finished product was excellent.

12.11.16 Mr and Mrs Phillips (Solidor Composite Door). Would recommend Millennium to others.

6.11.16 Mrs Belhomme (Residential Composite Door). The Sales Person was very helpful in suggesting ideas from the available options.

2.11.16 Mrs Clements (PVCu Windows and Patio Sliding Doors)  All aspects of the service was very good.  Millennium was recommended and would recommend them to others.

31.10.16 Mrs Kalber (Solidor Composite Door)  The installation staff was friendly and courteous, and would recommend Millennium.

26.10.16 Mr Remon (PVCu Edwardian White Conservatory)  All aspects of the service was very good.

24.10.16 Mrs Dotter (PVCu Windows)  Very good explanation of quote and overall product.

6.10.16 Mr and Mrs Le Monnier (PVCu Windows) Very happy with service.  Would recommend Millennium to colleagues and friends.

22.9.16 Mr and Mrs Le Plongeon (PVCu Residential Door and French Door) Sales person was informative and helful with our decision. We are very pleased with your product and the finished result. A pleasure to have a tidy and experienced installer, a credit.  If we need any more work doing it will be a pleasure to ask Millennium to do the work for us.

22.8.16 Mr Tuckwood (PVCu White French Door) You cannot improve, top quality.

20.8.16 Mr and Mrs Vasselin (PVCu Windows)  The installation staff were very quick and professional.

14.8.16 Mrs Carrel (PVCu Residential Door with Panel and Glass)  Very happy with Sales personnel and excellent overall product.

30.7.16 Mr and Mrs Ferguson (Conservatory Roof System)  All aspects of the service was very good and would be delighted to recommend millennium.

4.7.16 Mr and Mrs Carnegie (PVCu Top Hung Window)  All aspects of the service was very good and the installation staff were friendly, courteous and very clean.

1.7.16 Mrs Dotter (PVCu Residential Door)  Was happy with all staff and finished product.

29.6.16 Mrs Henderson (PVCu Top Hung Windows)  I cannot find fault, I don't think you need do more. Your service was excellent.

16.6.16 Mr and Mrs Hewitt (PVCu Windows)  Would recommend Millennium to friends and colleagues. Very good.

14.6.16 Mr and Mrs Francisco (Aluminium Casement Windows)  The finished product was great and service was very good.

9.6.17 Mr Harris (PVCu Sliding Sash Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good, and would recommend them to others.

3.6.16 Mr and Mrs Bowman (PVCu Casement Windows)  Sales personnel were very clear and thorough.

21.6.16 Mr and Mrs MacCreanor (PVCu White Porch)  All aspects of the service was very good. Would be happy to recommend Millennium to colleagues and friends.

22.4.16 Mr and Mrs Kembery (PVCu Casement Windows)  All aspects of the service was very good.  Super clean up after - everything was spotless.  Thank you, happy customer.

21.4.16 Mr and Mrs Journeaux (PVCu Casement Windows)  Salesman was very helpful.  The Installation staff was excellent.

19.4.16 Mr and Mrs Hodkinson (Composite Residential Door)  Very happy there was a follow up check as a problem with the handle was found.

11.4.16 Mr and Mrs Fennell (PVCu Windows)  Installation staff was friendly, courteous, hard working, and suberb workmen.  Clean, tidy, Absolutely excellent.  In taking out old windows and with fitting in the new, all spick and span, they couldn't be faulted.  Everyone else could take a leaf out of 'your book'.  Thank you very much.

6.4.16 H Morton (Conservatory Roof System) It was good to see photos with examples of your work. Regular updates would help.

5.4.16 Mr Mallet (PVCu Residential Door)  All aspects of the service was very good.

24.3.16 Mrs Camp (PVCu Windows and Composite Door)  All aspects of the service was very good.

23.3.16 Mr and Mrs Luce (PVCu Windows and Door)  The installation staff were very good indeed, amazed how little decorating to do inside and out.  We would recommend you without hesitation and prices very competitive.

19.3.16 Mr and Dr Orchard (PVCu Windows, Door and Composite Door)  Finished product was very good.  No improvements necessary.

5.3.16 Mr Billington (PVCu Windows)  Excellent, great job. 

1.3.16 Mr and Mrs Lamy (Aluminium Bi Fold Doors and Sliding Doors. PVCu Windows)  All aspects of the service was good.

3.2.16 Mr and Mrs Boardman ( PVCu Residential Door)  Keep up the good work.

16.12.16 Mrs Gillard (Composite door) Very good.

8.7.15 Mr and Mrs Bowden (PVCu windows) Sales personnel were very knowledgeable and gave confidence in ability and product. Installation staff were first class.  Will recommend without a doubt.

23.11.15 Mr Browning (Composite door) Would recommend to others.

17.11.15 Mr and Mrs Hall (Residential door) The installation staff arrived on time, clean tidy worker.  Friendly and courteous.

30.10.15 Mr and Mrs Vane (PVCu French door) Very good overall products and service.

28.10.15 Mr and Mrs Andrieaux (PVCu top hung windows) Carry on with the way you are doing things.

28.10.15 Mrs Kalber (Composite door) Very polite installation staff.  Well done.

25.10.15 Mr and Mrs Morris (PVCu Windows and doors) The sales personnel were easy to meet, quick turn around.

23.10.15 Mr Hidrio (PVCu Windows and doors) Have already recommended to others.  More explanation need, ie. how to fully open the restrictor hinges.

20.10.15 Mr and Mrs Renouf (PVCu Orangery conservatory) Very comprehensive quotation package.

16.10.15 Miss Webber (PVCu French windows) Carry on the good work, no improvments needed.

15.10.15 Mrs De Gruchy (PVCu windows and door) Would happily recommend Millennium.  The intallation staff were nice lads.

14.10.15 Mr and Mrs Illien (PVCu Patio sliding doors) Excellent product.  Very satisfied.

14.10.15 Mr and Mrs Wilderspin (PVCu door) Keep doing what you're already doing.  It was the prompt and knowledgeable staff that wowed the business.

26.8.14 Mr & Mrs Demoy (PVCu porch) The whole experience was trouble free. A professional attitude from everyone we dealt with and especially pleased with the workmanship of the man who carried out the installation.

25.8.14 Mr & Mrs Brown (PVCu windows and doors) Professionally carried out the work. 10 out of 10 for Quality / Timeliness / Courtesy / Value.

21.8.14 Mr & Mrs Banks (PVCu porch door) Scored 10 out of 10 for Quality / Timeliness / Courtesy / Value.

21.8.14 Mrs Cole (PVCu windows). Excellent.

13.8.14 Mr & Mrs Walker (composite door). Excellent Service. Scored 10 out of 10 for Quality /  Timeliness / Courtesy / Value.

16.7.14 Miss Fossey (PVCu windows and doors). Extremely happy. The best workmen I have had over the years.

10.7.14 Mr & Mrs Cawley (timber windows and doors).Very polite and efficient staff. Several options given before we found the right one. Excellent product.

11.7.14 Mr & Mrs Channing (PVCu windows). Very good, very nice company. Would recommend them to a friend. 

7.7.14 Mr & Mrs Calvert (PVCu doors). I had no problems with Millennium.

4.7.14 Mr Skiming (Aluminium windows). Would happily recommend Millennium. Very happy with overall service, installation, help and advice. Would prefer lower prices.

3.7.14 Mr & Mrs Laurens (PVCu patio doors). Very happy from start to finish. 

29.6.14 Mr & Mrs Warren (PVCu windows) Work carried out satisfactorily.

11.6.14 Mr & Mrs Burn (PVCu windows and doors). Work done to a high standard. Our fitter was excellent. Very clean and tidy work. 

19.6.14 Mr & Mrs De Gruchy (Conservatory). A very professional approach throughout. A Company that can be trusted.

18.6.14 Mr & Mrs Blampied (PVCu windows and doors). Work completed quickly, cleanly and with minimal damage. Rain damaged cement was satisfactorily renewed. Owner supervised work.

17.6.14 Mr & Mrs Thoma (PVCu windows). Helpful, courteous and professional. I would recommend to colleagues and friends. 

28.5.14 Mr & Mrs Da Silva (PVCu doors) We were very impressed with the excellent quality of the work done to fit our french doors. They were prompt and couteous - everything was cleaned up and taken away as specified in the contract. We would happily recommend Millennium Windows and Conservatories.

24.5.14 Mr & Mrs Roberts (PVCu windows). This is the thrid time we have purchased from this Company and have always been very satisfied. Very approachable, They were happy to spend the time explaining anything not understood and certainly perfectionista in their window fitting.

24.5.14 Mr & Mrs Spry (PVCu windows). Very professional, the house was left in a clean condition. Very good quality windows.  

12.5.14 Mr & Mrs Wiseman (composite door and windows). Very efficient, friendly and polite, tidy and clean, punctual, extremely professional from walking into the showroom to them checking their completed work. Nice to be able to physically try the doors and feel the weight etc.

24.4.14 Mr & Mrs Banks (PVCu porch). Very pleased with the work, we have requested another project.

19.4.14 Mr & Mrs Le Maistre (PVCu windows and a door). We received what was ordered and are very happy with the result. It took a little longer to arrive than we thought.

2.4.14 Mr & Mrs Ayton (PVCu patio). Excellent finished product.

24.3.14 Mr & Mrs Le Vogeur (PVCu windows and doors). Presentation was made by a very presentable young man. It was a pleasure having the 2 installation men around. Very helpful from start to finish.  

20.3.14 Mr & Mrs Louis (Aluminium doors). The team from Millennium sales and installation were very helpful and courteous.

3.3.14 Mr & Mrs Gage (PVCu windows). Very professional and reliable.

5.2.14 Mr & Mrs Nurse (PVCu porch door). Extremely happy with service received.

29.1.14 Mr & Mrs Floyd (PVCu windows). A professional job all round.

20.1.14 Mr & Mrs Moulin (composite door). Once again Millennium have come up with exactly what we wanted. Our new front door is better than we had imagined and we find the house much warmer now we have got rid of the drafts from the old door. The security system on both the new doors work brilliantly.

9.12.13 Mr & Mrs Holley (PVCu windows, doors and conservatory roof). This is the third time we have used Millennium Windows and Conservatories to provide and install replacement windows and roof glazing and are very pleased with their work. They turned up when they said they would and left the work area clean and tidy.

29.11.13 T Mallet (PVCu windows). We find Millennium very good to deal with and all their staff were very pleasant and helpful.

3.11.13 Mr & Mrs Buesnel (PVCu windows and composite door). I was happy with Millennium windows and felt that from the salesman to the installation team they had a sound knowledge of their product.

4.10.13 Mr & Mrs Vincent. I would approach Millennium again when more work is required.

18.9.13 Mrs Hickson (PVCu windows). Kept well informed from the quotation process through to completion. Whole procedure was efficiently carried out. 

10.9.13 Mr & Mrs Brown (PVCu door). They have fitted the door in a timely manner. The workmanship is satisfactory and cannot be faulted.

4.9.13 Mr & Mrs Woodhouse (timber door). The salesmen spent an evening with us determining our requirements. The resulting door has a real quality feel about it. The fitter spent a day and a half fitting them and making good. He was very polite and made sure he left no mess. All very happy.

17.7.13 Mr & Mrs Gallichan (PVCu windows and patio door). Fairly painless installation. Very pleased with the service provided both in the fitting and quality of product. Mess was kept as minimal as possible. The men worked like Trojans. Well pleased with the Millennium experience.

27.6.14 Mr & Mrs Young (PVCu windows and doors). We are very happy with the final product. It has transformed our house. The fitter did a top job with minimal disruption. I would highly recommend Millennium Windows to our friends and family. Our neighbours are very impressed also.

17.6.14 Mr & Mrs Andrieaux (PVCu conservatory). They turned up when they were supposed to and cleaned up after themselves.