Windows are arguably one of the most important features of a home and getting the choice right is vital in respect of enhancing the looks of your property whilst conserving energy and increasing security. Millennium Windows and Conservatories Ltd. offer many different styles and ranges of material to suit any property and following a visit to your home, our experienced representative will be able to provide you with sound advice on material, designs and features to meet your needs.

Our windows are available in a range of colours and materials to suit any particular situation. Our standard range of HeatGuard PVCu Windows are available in standard white PVCu or with a woodgrain foiled finish in a range of colours ranging from different wood colours, white woodgrain, anthracite grey, fern green, black or cream. In addition to our standard range of PVCu products we also offer Period Look products such as the award winning Residence Collection (Residence 9 & Residence 7 Systems) which are available in a wide range of colours and have period hardware to compliment the look. There are many images to view by clicking on this link

Our aluminium and timber window ranges can be factory finished in a varied range of colours (RAL) to suit different tastes.

There are many glazing options to choose from such as obscured glazing, Georgian bars, square or diamond leaded designs, decorative bevelled glass and tinted glazing. Triple glazed windows and doors are also available. Our representative will also be able to advise on what specific glass features you could consider and also notify you of areas where safety glass is required to comply with Building Bye-Laws. Pilkington Glass have a useful online tool to show you the different privacy levels on their obscured glazing range and you will be directed to the website page by clicking here. 

As well as a great range of finishes to select from our casement windows there are a variety of mouldings to suit and are Energy Rated (see details of our HeatGuard* products below)  for your comfort. Windows can now be categorized by their performance which is easy then for customers to compare different products dependent on their needs.

Windows that keep homes warmer, lower bills and help the environment.


Improving your insulation could also involve having an External Render System applied in conjunction with your new windows and doors, as shown in the before and after pictures above.

HeatGuard* is our range of Energy Saving windows, rated by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).  Endorsed by the Energy Savings Trust, they are amongst the most energy efficient products available in the UK today - and are a proven way to a warmer home.

Our HeatGuard Windows can reduce home heating bills, offer better sound proofing, longer life and less condensation. Doesn't your home deserve HeatGuard?

The best time to install energy efficient glazing is when your windows need replacing anyway. Now that it's possible to readily compare the energy efficiency of the competing products, using the recognisable 'Energy Label' you can be sure that replacement windows always meet eco-friendly criteria.

HeatGuard Energy Efficiency Windows can help to reduce your carbon footprint and our windows come top of the class when it comes to environmental credentials. 

When you choose HeatGuard energy efficient glazing the benefits are unparalleled: -

*    Tangible energy savings

*    Better performance

*    Keeps your home brighter and warmer

*    Saves money on fuel bills

*    Helps the environment

Reductions in home heating bills

Energy efficient windows cut heat losss through windows and can reduce fuel bills for householders by up to 25% a year.  Just from reducing the running time of your heating system and locking in thermal energy, you can achieve warmer, healthier housing for the same or less expense.

Better sound proofing

Installing energy efficient windows can significiantly improve the sound quality in your home.  With high-performance glazing sound resistance is enhanced and a higher quality of air, noise and light filtration achieved - ultimately providing you with a more comforable internal environment. Triple glazed windows and doors are also available to further improve sound reduction or we can offer acoustic glass to reduce additional frequencies.


You could count the cost of not choosing the most secure replacement windows and doors. Our windows and doors have high-security locking mechanisms and additional security features fitted as standard. Some product ranges have break-secure lock barrels fitted as standard and other products can have standard barrels upgraded - please ask for details. 

Longer life

Windows are in place for a long time, so the efficiency gains you will enjoy by fitting high-performance windows are permanent.  Energy efficient windows are a much higher standard than traditional products, which means less maintenance and better durability.

Less Condensation

By making homes wind and weather tight, warm and with modern facilities, you can achieve higher internal temperatures that reduce damp and condensation. Energy efficient windows make the best use of heating and ventilation systems, making your home a cozy place to relax.

Energy Window Ratings

An A - G energy rating has been developed for windows by the BFRC.  It is the same as that rating systems used for household appliances - such as fridges and light bulbs - to clearly show the products that can save customers money and are less harmful to the environment.  We recommend 'A' rating windows as they are more thermally efficient and provide more comfort.

Safety Glazing.
Low level glazing is required to be safety glazing and we fit toughened glass in preference as a safety glass. 
What is toughened glass?
Toughened glass is manufactured by subjecting the final glass size to a heating and cooling treatment which set up high compressive stresses at the surface, and balancing tensile stresses in the centre of the glass, which increases its strength.
The result is a glass that is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness.

How it works: The high compressive surface stresses give the glass its increased resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses. It can, however, break under extreme loads or by severe impact. When broken, toughened glass shatters into small, blunt-edged fragments, reducing the risk of personal injury.
Heat strengthened glass is produced by a similar process to toughened glass, however, the strength developed is about half that of toughened glass. It does not meet the safe break criteria for safety glass because its breakage pattern resembles that of annealed glass. It is used to provide glass that is resistant to thermal stress and for laminating where greater glass strength is required.