Aluminium Windows

Windows and doors play an important role in the decoration of your home.  They work as weather barrier protecting you and your house from the elements of nature.

These windows are built of either PVCu, wood or Aluminium.  Each material have their own Pro's and Con's but, it all depends on which suits you the best.

We can offer distinctive window and door designs to suit, whatever your taste or style of home.  This can be to a fixed pane, top or side hung casement, pivot and tilt and turn windows. 

Ranges of products available in Aluminium are extensive to include, Bi Folding, sliding patio doors, French doors or even a Front door.  We can also offer roof lanterns for your kitchen or Orangery / Conservatory.

We also offer the Alitherm Heritage range.  Alitherm Heritage is designed to meet demands of Planning constraints and / or design.  

Stength and Durability

Aluminium windows & doors offer an extremely durable and sturdy product that offer robustness unparalleled by other products.  Due to the inherent strength of aluminium this allows for greater scope for bespoke design in comparison to other materials.  This is the most durable and long lasting option for finishing Architectural aluminium building products.  Aluminium, by it's nature is a strong material compared to PVCu and does not require additional reinforcements which allows for larger arrangements for uninterrupted panaramic views and maximises the amount of natural light into your home.

Warm & Comfort

Aluminium windows & doors are thermally efficient and contribute to a reduction of heating bills.  The goal is to let visible light in, whilst keeping solar heat out in the summer months and radiant heat during the winter.

Elegant Slim Sightlines

Products manufactured using Aluminium, one of the world's most sustainable materials, offer elegant and narrow slight lines alongside a full range of features.  Frames are beautifully slim and available in a huge choice of styles, colours and finishes including dual colours.  These can be enhanced by an ovolo, chamfered or square profile edge appearances.  Due to the slim sightlines, the windows and doors allow more light to come into your home.

Peace of Mind

Aluminium windows & doors have enhanced security as they incorporate a multi point locking system as standard and with all the necessary safety glass in order to be compliant with FENSA regulations.

Energy Efficiency

Thermal efficiency remains the number one priority when making home improvements.  With energy bills rising, Aluminium is designed and engineered with thermal performance in mind.

Additional benefits of thermally broken Aluminium windows & doors 

  • Conducts heat and noise 1000 times slower than normal Aluminium
  • Flame retardant
  • Added layer of security
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Non - corrosive
  • Thermal break technology
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Powder coated surfaces with a large range of colours

If you choose thermal break Aluminium, it has several advantages.

Maintenance is simple and undemanding as well as performance is good.  It offers good heat & noise insulation.

What does thermally broken mean, and what are thermally broken Aluminium windows & doors.

This all relates back to the frame - an equally important component in any windows and door system.

The frame can greatly affect the actual energy efficiency of any window & door - including that of double glazed systems.  Plus, efficient wall and ceiling insulation make an even bigger difference to the overall insulation of your home, office or building.

Standard Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and cold meaning that you can lose or gain a great deal of heat through the frame of the window / door.  This can ultimately undermine the performance of the double glazed windows.

A thermal break needs to be added to the frame. Thermal break technology features a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside Aluminium Profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame.  This will conduct heat, cold and noise a thousand times slower than standard Aluminium.

By installing thermally broken double glazed windows & doors, you will be able to stop noise by up to 80% and keep your home cooker during warm summers.