Secondary Glazing

There are various reasons you may not wish to fully replace your existing windows - they may still be in good condition, they may be traditionally designed or they may be protected as part of your Listed Property. However you may also find that they are draughty or do not cut out enough noise from outside and would like a solution? 

Millennium WIndows supply and install window solutions from SelectaGlaze who offer a wide range of secondary glazing that are tailor-made to fit inside your existing windows, are unobtrusive on the inside due to narrow sightlines and practically invisible on the outside, therefore preserving your existing windows and allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a warmer, quieter and more secure home.

Secondary Glazing is a great way to combat noise pollution and draughts and we have a wide range of different secondary glazing styles to offer you to suit most situations and following a visit to your home we would be pleased to discuss what would be best for you.

Your home will also become warmer and more energy efficient. Air is trapped between your existing window and the new secondary window, insulating against the cold outside and preventing draughts. We can also use specially coated heat-reflecting glass to further insulate your home and help you to become more energy efficient by cutting down on fuel bills. The difference will be instant!

Furthermore, our secondary glazing also comes with a 10 year warranty for your piece of mind. 

Some of the other benefits of installing our secondary glazing are: -

  • Improved acoustic protection from noise pollution, road traffic, aircraft noise etc.
  • Improved thermal insulation therefore reducing energy bills 
  • Innovative fade protection technology is available to block uv light to stop fabrics, furniture and carpets fading
  • Improved draught proofing by stopping the amount of air-bourne dust getting into the home

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