Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

The quality and sophistication of this type of window adds a very clear statement about style to any property and in most cases preserves the historic nature of your home. Vertical Sliding Sash Windows are synonymous with the Victorian and Georgian periods with their subtle proportions and elegance - they were the most popular windows of the time and they are enjoying a revival once more as modern techniques banish cold, rattling sash windows to our distant memories. 

These windows are available in PVCu (with and without a woodgrained colour finish), high grade timber (fully factory paint finished to reduce maintenance) and thermally-broken aluminium and operate by having special counter-balanced coiled springs which allow the window sashes to slide vertically up and down and modern weather-stripping elimates draughts. With our timber range can offer either traditional weights and pulley wheel system or spiral balances (with or without an inward tilt facility). 

PVCu and timber windows are manufactured to faithfully reflect traditionally made windows and therefore has a deep bottom rail and slim sashes. The look can be further enhanced by adding Georgian bars to the window, decorative horns and ornate ironmongery. In addition, some windows have the added feature of sashes that tilt inwards for easy cleaning.

Aluminium vertical sliding sash windows offer the contemporary look in a wide range of colours are have moderately narrower sections for a more contemporary look. 

Combining the classic good looks and functionality of a traditional box-sash window with the very latest in energy efficiency, security, low maintenance and ease-of-use. The Vertical Slider is the perfect choice for the discerning homeowner and installer/builder alike.



This window is designed to replicate the traditional sash window with as much accuracy as possible but with durability and performance in mind, whilst also allowing for double-glazed units.

Our Timber Box Sash Windows are availble with either traditional weights and pulleys  that operate on sash cords, ball race pulleys and sash weights, whereas spiral balances operate with counter-balanced hardware tested to over 10,000 cycles ensuring you receive a highly durable product. Our sash slider with spiral balances is suited for the new-build market as it does not require the deep reveals that are required on the traditional box sash and can in fact be fitted into a standard brick reveal. 

Ironmongery & Working Mechanism:

Complete with sash lift handles and central sash ring together with locking fitch fasteners (subject to location of the trickle vent) our ironmongery is available in solid brass, satin silver or chrome finish. 

Opening Restrictors limit the opening to 100mm by using a twist lock positioned to allow the sash to open 100mm. Additional security can be provided using a second twist lock but this option is not available with internal horns


The traditional box sash sliding windows benefit from dry gasket glazed drained glazing rebates allowing any moisture ingress to ventilate to the outside. For high exposure areas, aluminium bottom beads can replace the traditional bottom beads and our internal teams are happy to advise to meet specific project solutions.

Weatherseal & Weather Rating:

The box sash window with spiral balances is fully weathersealed to achieve severe weather rating. Our window has been rated by BM Trada to BS 6315 (Part 1) 2004 with the results of its exposure category being 2000+ (a copy of the certificate is available on request). Based on the design principles of our box sash slider with spiral balances, the weights and pulleys version (although itself not tested) could be expected to achieve an exposure category of 2000+.

Energy Efficiency:

We have certified test results for our timber box sash slider with weights & pulleys demonstrating its ability to achieve a whole frame U-Value of 1.5. We are currently re-simulating our windows as we have moved from a 20mm to a 24mm glass unit. This has the effect of improving the centre pane U-Value of the glass and therefore will also improve the whole frame, the results will be posted when available.

Optional tilt facility:

Using spiral balances, fitch fasteners and bar tilt restrictors, our sash slider with spiral balances is able to include a tilt facility that combines traditional appearance with high-rise functionality. Both the top and bottom sashes tilt inwards to between 40-45° with the restrictor supporting a weight of up to 35kg.

Energy efficiency:

We have certified test results for our traditional sash slider with spiral balances which demonstrates its ability to achieve a whole frame U-Value of 1.5 Wm2/K.

BS 7950 Security:

Although not currently available, it is expected that this window will achieve the BS 7950 security standard in the near future.

Timber Paint Finishes

The timber work that we offer on our windows, doors and conservatories has gone through great lengths to ensure the same performance is maintained for many years after it is installed. One of the reasons our timber products stand the test of time is the four-step finishing process. This thorough process offers a number of key benefits including: -

  • Protecting the wood from  harmful  ultra-violet rays which can cause greying and coarsing of the wood.
  • Protecting the wood from water ingress, and being micro-porous allows excess moisture to escape.
  • The finish is flexible and can therefore expand and contract naturally with the timber.

So how does the process work? First a base coat is applied to the assembled product by hand, making sure we cover all the hard to reach areas. This produces an attractive high gloss finish and protects the end-grains from any moisture ingress.

Once this base coat is dry we sand the frame down by hand – this is an opportunity for one of our skilled craftsman to inspect the product for faults.